Frequently Asked Questions

1. I need different focal strengths depending on my activity. How can One Power Readers help me?
With One Power Readers, there's no fixed power – so you only need one pair of glasses. Every pair custom-corrects your up-close vision to give you the "just right" individual strength you require at any given time.

2. How does one pair of One Power Readers give me different focal strengths?
Every pair of One Power Readers has a range of .5 – 2.5 of strength engineered inside each innovative lens. Whether you're reading a book, browsing online, or threading a needle, One Power Readers custom-correct your up-close vision using the precise focal power strength you need.

3. How do I clean my One Power Readers?
With every pair of One Power readers, you'll receive a free bonus microfiber cleaning case.

4. Do One Power Readers come in different styles?
Yes! When you choose between square-shaped black or tortoise readers, you can add a second pair in circular high fashion chic for just a small fee.

5. Do One Power Readers have a return policy?
Every pair of One Power Readers comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

6. Can I get in different shapes?
Yes two shapes are available, round and square.

7. What is the width of the temples from ear to ear?
The product is built for the average man and women and measures 5.5" across.

8. What if you have a larger or smaller head?
The One Power reader has flexible spring hinges that allow for some deviation from the normal range but if a substantial deviation it may be difficult for this person to shop for readers online.

9. Are they tinted?
The readers are not tinted.

10. What color is tortoise?
It is the brown family, it is very popular and is well suited for both men and women.

Attention: Ready-to-Wear Non-Prescription glasses are not intended to replace prescribed corrective lenses or examinations by an eye care professional. Continuous eye check-ups are necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs.