When you bring your idea to Tristar Products, the premier product marketing company in the industry today, you’re on the fast-track to success. You don’t need to go anywhere else. With over 25 years of success dominating the direct-response industry, we have the capability and expertise to achieve domestic and international market dominance. We can turn an idea into a brand, and make that brand a category leader.

Notable Success Stories
The Genie Bra – the number one selling seamless bra in the world; The Flex-Able Hose – millions of units sold; Copper Chef Cookware – over $200 million in sales; and the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer – over $1 billion in retail sales. Those seeking invention idea help have benefited greatly from our services. We establish our products as national and international leading brands, create new categories, and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales per brand.

From Concept To Creation
Engineering departments at top invention companies can turn your big idea into a prototype in record time. Tristar Product’s partner factories handle the manufacturing, and our award-winning, cutting edge marketing and commercial production department will maximize the media campaign to promote your product. It can turn your product invention concept into a category leader. Every year, our media department spends over $100 million dollars. This includes television advertising and social media campaigns.

Tristar Products is the only partner you will ever need with the best team you will ever have. When you team up with Tristar, you put your idea on the fast track to success.

Over $1 Billion Dollars In Sales
Tristar’s sales have exceeded over a billion dollars. Our success relies on a winning combination of our established brands, proven international and domestic distribution channels, media power in over 100 countries, and the best team in the industry. We attract celebrity endorsements that drive sales records year after year.

65,000 Square Foot Studio
Tristar operates a state-of-the-art studio. Located just 25 minutes from midtown Manhattan, our 65,000 sq. ft. studio is the ideal production destination on the east coast.

One Stop Shop
Let us take your idea from concept to category leader. Tristar Products, Inc. puts your ideas on the fast-track to success. We have the capability and expertise to lead you through every step on the path from idea development to domestic and international market dominance. Tristar products is the only partner you will ever need with the best team you will ever have.

Domestic & International Sales
Our domestic and international sales teams can get you distribution in the major retailers throughout the world. This includes Walmart; Sam’s Club; Bed Bath & Beyond; Amazon; QVC; Target; and many more.