U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Recall

Tristar Products Recalls 4 Suction Cup Aqua Rug Due To Fall Hazard

Tristar Products, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, is recalling and providing a refund for the 4 suction cup Aqua Rug.
Please STOP USING the Aqua Rug even if it has been used without incident.
The 4 suction cups on the underside of the Aqua Rug can fail to prevent slipping, posing a fall hazard to the user.

The Aqua Rug that is the subject of the recall is a rug for the shower in beige and clear colors, with four suction cups, one on each corner. It comes in two sizes, 29.5” x 17.25” for the bathtub and 21.75” x 19.75” for the shower stall.

Only Aqua Rug models with four suction cups are included in the recall. Aqua Rug models with more than four suction cups are NOT included in the recall. 

Do I have the recalled Aqua Rug?
To determine if you have the Aqua Rug, pictures of the product are provided below. The rug was imported into the United States by Tristar Products, Inc., and sold through QVC Inc., Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar General, and other retailers nationwide, and at Amazon.com, and through Tristar’s website www.buyaquarug.com, and a direct response television commercial by Tristar, from July 2012 to September 2015, for between $18 and $28

Aqua Rug Image
Aqua Rug Image
Aqua Rug Image

What Do I need to Do to Get the refund?
Please follow these instructions to obtain a refund:
1. Cut the rug into four pieces with a suction cup in each piece.
2. Take a photograph of the underside of the cut-up rug, with the 4 suction cups visible, as shown below:

Aqua Rug Image

3. Throw the rug pieces in the trash to prevent others from using them.
4. Click on the appropriate link below to obtain the Aqua Rug Replacement Request Form to register. The form may be accessed online and submitted along with your photograph of the cut-up rug in pieces, or the form may be printed and mailed by you, along with the photograph, to the address indicated on the form.


To upload your registration, please send an email to customerservice@tristarproductsinc.com
Subject line: AquaRug Recall

Include your first/last name, address (city, state, zip), phone #, size of rug( Small, 21.75 x 19.75 for shower stalls or Large, 29.5 x 17.25 for the bathtub), where purchased and quantity of rugs. Include photos of the 4 pieces of the cut up rug (photos are mandatory for action to be taken). If Proof of purchase cannot be obtained, a specific dollar amount will be provided as the refund.

Send By Mail

Send the information listed under the Registration section along with the photograph of the cut-up rug or rugs to:

Tristar Products, Inc.
c/o Recall Results
492 Route 46 East
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Please Allow 6-8 Weeks To Process Replacement Request.

For assistance, you can call Tristar Products, Inc. at 973-287-5116 , Monday – Friday , 9:00 am to 5:00 pm East Coast time.