Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does My Copper Chef Eggs Set Include?
Your Copper Chef Eggs Set includes 4 Copper Egg Makers with Matching See-Through Lids and an Egg Caddy.

2. Are Copper Chef Eggs Non-Stick?
Yes! Copper Chef Eggs are coated with premium-grade non-stick coating. Your eggs slide right out— there’s no sticking and no shell to peel!

3. How Do I Cook in Copper Chef Eggs?
Cooking in Copper Chef Eggs is as fast as 1 – 2 – 3!
1. Just crack your egg or recipe into each Copper Chef Egg and secure the lid.
2. Lower the Caddy into boiling water.
3. Watch as your eggs slight right out without the shell!

4. What type of food is best to cook on the Grill & Bake Mat?
There’s no limit to what you can cook on the Grill & Bake Mat! We recommend any food you’d like to prepare with professional, flavorful grill marks. The Grill & Bake is especially perfect for small foods that might otherwise fall through the grates like shrimp or vegetables; food that might otherwise stick, like ribs or fish; and foods you’d like to cook with baste, marinade, or BBQ sauce. Plus, the Grill & Bake is perfect for breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, and sausage!

5. How Can Copper Chef Eggs Help Me During Meal Prep?
In Copper Chef Eggs, making eggs ahead of time for later in the week is effortless. You’ll always be prepared for egg salad, deviled eggs, chef salad, and more!

6. Are Copper Chef Eggs Dishwasher Safe?
Yes! Copper Chef Eggs are dishwasher safe. If you choose to wash by hand, we recommend using warm water, a soft, nonmetallic cloth or sponge, and mild soap.