Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of the Induction Cooktop?
The Induction Cooktop’s surface measures 10″ x 10″.

2. What types of pans will work on the Induction Cooktop?
The Induction Cooktop works with any magnet-friendly cookware. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan, it will work on an induction cooktop.

3. What is the cooktop surface made of?
The Induction Cooktop’s surface is made of hardened glass.

4. Does the Induction Cooktop have pre-set buttons?
The Induction Cooktop is designed with an easy-to-read digital display timer with 5 cooking presets.

5. How does the Induction Cooktop keep my meals from drying out?
The Induction Cooktop is designed with a professional Warming Feature. After your meal is finished cooking, the Cooktop automatically keeps your food warm – no overcooking – until you’re ready to eat.

6. How does the Induction Cooktop give me precise cooking?
The Induction Cooktop is designed with adjustable time and temperature settings. You choose the time and temperature in precise, 10° increments.!

7. How do I clean my Induction Cooktop?
We recommend cleaning your Induction Cooktop with soap and water or glass stovetop cleaner. Do not submerge Cooktop in water while cleaning.

8. How do I store my Induction Cooktop?
To protect the Induction Cooktop’s surface, we do not recommend storing it alongside other cookware. Use a soft cloth to protect the surface if you must store the Induction Cooktop with other cookware.

9. Are there any special safety precautions I should follow?
Always use heat resistant oven mitts or potholders. Do not set anything on the surface that is not a pan. Do not submerge in water. For more information, consult your owner’s manual.