Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Copper Chef pan dishwasher safe?
Yes! The Copper Chef pan is safe to use on any surface.

2. Is there a coating on the Copper Chef pan that burns off at first use?
No. As with all cookware, remember to wash with non-abrasive soap before first use.

3. Is the Copper Chef pan actual copper or copper in color? Is it a coating that will peel?
The pan is copper colored, coated aluminum with a steel induction plate.

4. Is the Copper Chef pan scratch resistant?
Yes. As with all non-stick cookware, we recommend using non-metallic, plastic or silicone cooking utensils.

5. Can you cook on an open fire with the Copper Chef pan?
Although the pan can be used on an open fire, it is designed for kitchen use.

6. Is the Copper Chef pan non-stick?
Yes, it is a ceramic-coated, non-stick pan.

7. What is the weight of the Copper Chef pan?
The Copper Chef pan weighs 1.93 lb.

8. Copper pots and pans must be polished frequently. What do you use?
The exterior of the pan is copper-colored coating, so it does not require frequent polishing.

9. How do I clean my Copper Chef pan?
Clean your Copper Chef pan with mild soap and water and a soft, non-metal scrubber.

10. Does the handle on the Copper Chef pan get hot?
No, it is coated with Cerami Tech non-stick coating which will not oxidize or tarnish like traditional copper pans that need frequent polishing.The handle is hollow, making it cooler than solid-core handles. Be sure to use a pot holder, as the handle can get hot on the stovetop and when in the oven.

11. Is the Copper Chef pan oven-safe?
Yes, though you should always remember to use pot holders when removing the pan from the oven.

12. What kind of utensils should I use with the Copper Chef pan?
Non-Metallic utensils made of plastic or silicone should be used.