Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Copper?
Copper is an essential trace element vital to all living organisms.

2. Why do we need compression wear?
Copper Wear is made with soft and smooth fabric. It’s comfortable enough to wear 24 hours a day, even while sleeping. Compression wear is especially helpful after an injury, since it helps soothe muscle stiffness and improve blood circulation.

3. What makes our clothing unique?
Copper Wear sleeves have a special texture that is extremely soft to the touch. No matter what you’re doing, its fabric keeps you dry and comfortable all day. Plus it’s comfortable enough to wear all day—even while sleeping.

4. Who should wear copper wear?
Anyone who wants to be comfortable all day can wear Copper Wear. Our sleeves are designed to be worn for 24 hours—even while sleeping. Due to its moisture-wicking, our clothing is also suitable for athletes and people with active lives.

5. When will I start to feel the benefits of wearing copper wear compression products?
You’ll notice the benefits right after the first time you experience Copper Wear.

6. What are the benefits of copper wear compression elbow and knee sleeves?
Copper Wear knee sleeves and elbow sleeves are designed to provide excellent support to the muscles and joints of the elbow and knee. Built to reduce lactic acid buildup, improve circulation and send more oxygen to the heart, Copper Wear sleeves help you perform better, and reduce the chance of stiffness and soreness. Wear your Copper Wear sleeves during exercising, regular activity or sports and you’ll experience the difference.

7. When should I wear my copper wear compression products?
Our sleeves are comfortable enough to be worn all day under your regular clothes, during regular activity and sports, and even while sleeping.