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Copper Chef Perfect Loaf Pan


1. How do I assemble the Copper Chef Perfect Loaf Pan?
Simply set the Elevated Lift & Serve Insert inside the Baking Pan. This is where your food cooks. Easy-Lift Handles make the serving process effortless. After use, the Handy Storage Lid fits on top for easy storing or to take on the go.

2. What are the measurements of the Loaf Pan?
The Loaf Pan measures 9″ x 5″ x 3″.

3. Do I need to coat the Loaf Pan with butter, oil, or shortening?
The Loaf Pan is designed with chef-grade non-stick coating. There’s no need to add any extra butter, grease, or oil. For added flavor, you may season the cooking surface with natural oils.

4. How does the Loaf Pan reduce fat and calories in my meals?
The Elevated Lift & Serve Insert allows air to circulate around all 360° of your food. Fat and grease drain away while you get perfect, even cooking every time.

5. How does the Loaf Pan reduce cleanup?
Nothing sticks to the Loaf Pan’s premium non-stick coating. Not even burnt cheese! Your meatloaves, roasts, cakes & breads lift right out— effortlessly. This makes cleanup fast and easy. There’s no soaking or scrubbing required.

6. What is the Loaf Pan made of?
The Loaf Pan is carbon steel with Copper Tech™ Non-Stick Coating.

7. Is the Loaf Pan oven safe?
Yes. The Loaf Pan is heat resistant up to 550°F.

8. What kind of utensils should I use with my Loaf Pan?
We recommend you use only nonmetallic utensils made of wood, plastic, silicone, or bamboo.

9. Is there a coating on the Loaf Pan that burns off at first use?
No. As with all cookware, remember to wash with nonabrasive soap before first use.

10. How do I clean my Loaf Pan?
We recommend you clean your Loaf Pan by hand with water, a mild soap or cleanser, and a soft, nonmetallic scrubber, sponge, or bristle brush. Or, you may put it in the dishwasher.

11. Do I need to polish my Loaf Pan like traditional copper cookware?
The Loaf Pan is coated with premium non-stick coating. It will not oxidize or tarnish like traditional copper pans that need frequent polishing.

12. How do I store my Loaf Pan?
To protect the surface of the Loaf Pan, we do not recommend stacking other cookware inside of the Pan during storage. Use a soft cloth to protect the coating if you must store the Loaf Pan or any of its components with other cookware.

13. Are there any special safety precautions I should follow?
Both the Baking (Loaf) Pan and the Lift & Serve Insert will become hot in the oven. Always remember to use oven mitts or potholders when handling. Divert your eyes and body when removing meals with the Lift & Serve Insert as hot steam may result. Do not cook using the Handy Storage Lid.

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