Power Cooker Product Image

Power Cooker (8QT)

Model: PC-PRO8

What You'll Get

Inner Lid
Inner Pot
Steamer Tray
Measuring Cup
Condensation Collector
AC Cord
Recipe Book
Canning Recipe Book


Colors:   Stainless Steel

Warranty:   60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Capacity:   8 Quarts

Power:   1300 Watts


  • Working Pressure: 0-70 kPa
  • Safety Working Pressure: 80-90kPa

Settings:  4 Cooking Presets


Does the power cooker have lead in it?

What type of steel is the unit made of?
Stainless Steel

Is it normal to have steam come out of the sides?
If steam is coming out of the sides or the bottom of the lid, the lid is not seated correctly. The unit will not be able to properly pressurize. Turn off the unit, allow it to cool. Release any pressure using the pressure release that may have built-in the unit. Attempt to remove the lid. If the lid does not easily open, do not force it, allow it to continue to cool down. Once you open the lid, using the instructions to ensure the lid is correctly put together and the gasket is in place. Reattach the lid. The float value should be able to move up and down. It is normal for condensation to appear in the condensation collector.

How do you assemble/disassemble the unit?
See Diagram on page 8/9 of this manual.

What is the default time?
Each cooking mode has a default time that appears as soon as you select that desired mode button. Before the Default Time “minute count down” clock begins, the unit must first reach the proper pressure and/or temperature for that mode.

How long does it take the unit to reach full pressure and for the cook time clock to start a count down? 
Up to 17 minutes.

Can you change the cook time, during the cooking process? 

Can you leave the unit on when not at home?
The Power Cooker has a delayed start function, but leaving the Unit on while not at home is not recommended.

Can you put frozen foods in without defrosting?
Yes, remember to add an extra 10 minutes for frozen meats.

When can I remove the Lid from the Pressure Cooker?
When all pressure is released, the lid may be removed.  The Pressure Release Valve should always be used to release pressure before attempting to open the lid. If the lid has ANY resistance to opening, this indicates that the cooker is still pressurized – do not force the lid open. Press the pressure release again and you may need to allow the unit to sit while pressure naturally releases.


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