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Restore 4 ( A.K.A. Zap Pro )


What is the difference between the Restore 4® pads?
The burgundy coarse pad is for old grout and tile. It can be used for heavy stains.
The tan fine pad should be used on new grout and tile.

I used my burgundy Restore 4® pad so much it fell apart and now my sink is pink.
You can remove the stain with a little Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer. Use a sponge and water to rinse.

I have thick grout lines. What is the best way to clean them?
Thick grout lines are called wide-sanded grout. Use a nylon brush and pour some Restore 4® PFT&G in a bucket with water. Apply the mixture and let sit overnight before rinsing.

I want to use Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer on colored grout.
Always do a test area on colored grout like Antique White because the base color is brown and many times old stains will come up. Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer takes the old stains out. You may need two applications. Wait until the grout lines dry because they’ll dry lighter.

I used Restore 4® and my stainless steel fixture is stained. How can I fix that?
Pour a little Restore 4® into a bucket and add water. Use a soft wash cloth and apply the Restore 4®/water mixture to the entire facet. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Take another cotton cloth and rinse the facet with clean water. Now dry the fixture with a clean towel.

Can I use Restore 4® PFT&G on Marble or Granite?
No. It will etch those surfaces.

Can I use Restore 4® PFT&G on Linoleum?
Yes. Use the Restore 4® Laminate Restorer on Linoleum, Vinyl, Corian and Pergo.

What is the difference between the Restorer and the Maintainer?
The Restorer is stronger because it is based on Phosphoric acid. The Maintainer works on soap scum and can be used daily after you have restored your Porcelain, Fiberglass, Tile & Grout surfaces.

Can I use it on chrome?

Can I use it on a car?

Does Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer work on metal?
It works on real metals like copper, stainless steel and chrome.

Does Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer work on glass?

Does Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer work on hard-water stains?

Does Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer work on paint?

I spilled some Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer on my Travertine floor. How do I fix it?
Use some Rubbing Compound that can be found at a car store and very gently try to rub it out.

Is Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer safe on Septic Tanks?
Yes, it is.

Will the Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer freeze if I leave it outside?
No, it is hard to freeze Phosphoric acid unless it is below zero.

I was cleaning calcium deposits off my shower door and it smelled bad.
When Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer mixes with the calcium it can smell like rotten eggs.

Can Restore 4® PFT&G Restorer work on plastic?
No, it can’t.

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