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When can I use StarNight Lasers?
StarNight Lasers and StarNight Laser Dancers are the fastest and easiest way to decorate your home, both indoors and outdoors, all year round. You can choose from different settings and patterns to customize your lights depending on the holiday or occasion.

Are StarNight Lasers water-resistant?
Yes! Both StarNight Lasers and StarNight Laser Dancers are water-resistant. This means they can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

What’s the difference between StarNight Lasers and StarNight Laser Dancers?
StarNight Lasers are designed with 8 different programs of twinkling, star-kissed lights. StarNight Laser Dancers add motion to the star field and dance & boogie with 7 different programs.

How many lasers do I need?
Each laser covers approximately 2500 sq. feet of space with breathtaking stars. We recommend using 2-3 lasers for sufficient outdoor coverage.

What colors are available?
All StarNight Lasers and StarNight Laser Dancers give you the option of red, green, or a combination of both red and green.

How can I change the density and coverage of my star field?
Every Star Night Laser and Star Night Laser Dancer shines with thousands of big, bold, breathtaking stars. To make the star field wider and spread it out, move your laser farther away from your target. To move the stars closer and make a tighter star field, move your laser closer to the target area.

What does each set include?
Each single set of StarNight Lasers and StarNight Laser Dancers includes 1 lawn-mounting stake, 1 extra-long, heavy-duty cord, 1 floor-mounting stand, and 1 StarNight laser. Every StarNight Laser is water-resistant and has a built-in automatic timer.

What are StarNight Lasers made of?
All StarNight Laser lights are designed with Advanced Holographic, 3-D Laser Light Technology.

Where can I use StarNight Lasers?
You can use StarNight Lasers & StarNight Laser Dancers indoors and outdoors. They are the fastest, easiest way to decorate for any day of the year. Use them to create a brilliant star field on your home, garden, or pool. They’re also perfect indoors to set a festive mood.

How long does installation take? Will I need a hammer and nails or a ladder?
No tangled lights, no hammers, nails, or ladders needed! With StarNight Laser, set-up takes just seconds. Just Plug & Point for the fastest, easiest way to create a brilliant, twinkling 3-D star field indoors and outdoors.

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