Customers who purchase one of our products, may be able to purchase a Protection Plan for the unit. The Protection Plan must be purchased within the money back guarantee time frame and proof of purchase is required. To inquire as to how to purchase a Protection Plan, please contact us at the appropriate customer service phone number (Click Here to Contact us page).

The protection plan enables the customer to receive a new replacement unit if the customer experiences a problem with the operation of the purchased unit. The customer should contact Tristar Products customer service to request a replacement of the unit purchased on the order. The customer will receive unit return instructions and will need to return the unit to Tristar Products with a letter listing name, address, phone # and email, order # if applicable, a description of the problem experienced, and a request for a new replacement unit. The customer is responsible to pay for the shipping to return the unit to the designated return location. If the protection plan was purchased as a standalone purchase (separate from the purchase of the unit), the customer must provide to Tristar Products proof of date of purchase to ensure the unit and protection plan were purchased within the money back guarantee time frame. Tristar Products will replace the unit with a new equivalent unit of equal or greater value at no additional charge to the customer so long as Tristar Products receives the purchased unit back while the protection plan is in effect. The customer will not incur fees for the processing, handling, and shipping of the new replacement unit.