Rueben Sandwich

Rueben Sandwich

Recipe Type:  Bread
Servings  1
2  slice  Rye Bread  
2  slice  Swiss Cheese  
4  slice  Corned Beef  
2  tablespoon  Sauerkraut  
1  tablespoon  Russian Salad Dressing  
1  tablespoon  unsalted butter  


1. Butter one slice of bread and place the buttered side down on the grill.  Add cheese and meat.  Next, top with sauerkraut and dressing.  Butter other slice of bread and place on top with buttered side facing up.

2. Place the grill press lid on top of the sandwich without the support ring.

3. Place grill in microwave for 3 minutes.

4. Remove the grill from microwave and serve.