Blooming Onion

Blooming Onion

Recipe Type:  Vegetables
Servings  4
1    Large white onion  
0.25  cup  Milk, nonfat  
2    Large eggs   
0.75  cup  Panko  
1.5  teaspoon  Paprika  
1  teaspoon  Garlic powder   
0.5  teaspoon  Cajun seasoning  
0.5  teaspoon  black pepper  
1  teaspoon  Sea Salt   

  1. Mix breadcrumbs with olive oil & Cajun seasoning. In a separate dish, mix salt & pepper into the our. In a bowl, mix milk with egg.

  2. Peel onion, cut off top. Place cut side down onto a cutting board.

  3. Starting 1⁄2 inch from the root, cut downward, all the way to the cutting board. Repeat to make 4 evenly spaced cuts around the onion.

  4. Continue slicing between each section until you have made 8 cuts total.

  5. Place sliced onion in ice water for at least 2 hours / overnight. Remove from water, pat dry. Open onion so “petals” are exposed.

  6. Beat eggs with 2 Tbsp. milk. Place onion on a tray or in a bowl.

  7. Sprinkle onion generously with our mixture. Make sure to get in between all “petals.” Turn onion upside down to remove excess our.

  8. Using a ladle, ladle the egg mixture into every crevice. Lift up onion and turn to make sure excess egg drips off.

  9. Sprinkle onion very generously with bread crumb mixture. Press into place.

     10. Place the blooming onion into the Fry Basket of the Power Air Fryer XL. Cover the top with aluminum foil like a tent. Place the Fry Basket into the Power Air    Fryer XL.

     11. Press the M Button to scroll to the Chicken Icon.

     12. Press the Power Button & adjust cooking time to 10 minutes at 360 degrees. Leave foil on.

     13. When timer is done, check crispness of the onion. Cook 5-10 more minutes to desired crispness.

     14. When done, remove carefully and serve with Ranch dressing.